eWatershed (formerly ELUCID), developed by the Michigan State University Institute of Water Research (IWR), is a web-based geographic information system (GIS). This interactive mapping environment was piloted in the Flint River Watershed and features a wealth of environmental data. eWatershed can be accessed by any device connected to the internet (e.g. a desktop computer or tablet). It is based upon technology from Esri (a major GIS-software company), so if you are familiar with their products, using eWatershed will be an easy transition for you.

One of eWatershed’s greatest assets is its ability to engage and inform different user groups and address multiple issues in one system. This is accomplished through its unique design. Each customized eWatershed system is organized into varying themes such as water quality and land protection. Users investigate these themes through a mapping interface which automatically loads relevant theme data. Furthermore, eWatershed can be linked to existing systems to enhance its analytical capabilities.