Watershed Management Certification Program

In Partnership with the Michigan Water Environment Association

Watershed management requires an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. Law, policy, community planning and development, stakeholder involvement and resource economics contribute as much to solutions as engineering, biology, hydrology and chemistry.  To meet this challenge the Michigan Water Environment Association, working with the Institute of Water Research has developed an interdisciplinary educational program that offers professionals with responsibilities or interest in watershed management a unique opportunity to acquire certification online.

The certificate program consists of seven online courses:

Course 1: Basics of Hydrology
Course 2: Addressing Water Quality
Course 3: Socioeconomic Considerations, Institutions & Management Issues
Course 4: Developing & Implement Watershed Management Plans
Course 5: Tools & Modeling for Watershed Management
Course 6: Understanding Soil Erosion & Sediment and Pollution
Course 7: Historical & Legal Issues of Watershed Management

Online courses are designed to be flexible to accommodate personal schedules. Courses need not be taken sequentially and can be taken simultaneously. Note: the courses offered through this program are non-credit courses.

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