Donate To IWR

Thank you for considering a donation to the Institute of Water Research at Michigan State University. Your contribution will support an array of activities programs and projects at the Michigan State University Institute of Water Research that help protect and manage Michigan’s invaluable water resources.

To donate to the IWR, please use the following instructions below. You will be directed to the official MSU gifting website. This online gift processing system is an easy, fast, safe, secure and cost-effective way to donate to IWR and other MSU entities. This system is secure, authorizes transactions in real-time, and does not record or store credit card information.

Instructions for Donating to IWR

1. Click the link below to go to the MSU gifting website.

2. Click “Add to cart”.

3. Enter the amount you would like to donate and then click “Proceed to Checkout”.

MSU Gifting Website

You may also visit the Giving to Michigan State University website for other ways to give to the IWR.