Networked Neighborhoods for Eco-Conservation Online (NECO)

Have a rain garden, rain barrel, or other low impact development practice? What if you could map it and determine how much stormwater you’re managing by having that practice in place? Networked Neighborhoods for Eco-Conservation Online (NECO) does just that. Funded by the Great Lakes Protection Fund, this online tool helps individuals in the Great Lakes region map and share green practices they have installed or are interested in implementing. NECO uses both social networking and mapping technology to link people together with the common goals of improving the Great Lakes Basin, their watershed, town or their own back yard. The website summarizes the total water managed by these practices and reports pollutant reductions using Purdue University’s Long Term Hydrologic Impact Analysis model (L-THIA) for nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment, and fecal coliform. Join the other 260 users who have submitted over 1,000 practices and add your practices to the map.