EnviroImpact Launches

IWR and partners released Michigan EnviroImpact, an online tool that provides users with regularly updated forecasts for surface manure runoff risk. The tool allows users to create email and text message alerts that notify them of significant predicted runoff risk events. Additionally, the tool provides a seven-day forecast for runoff risk at any location in Michigan. EnviroImpact is a collaborative effort between the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service (NWS), the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program, the Michigan State University Institute of Water Research, Michigan Sea Grant and MSU Extension. Michigan EnviroImpact is part of the larger Regional Runoff Risk Advisory System being developed by the NWS, which currently includes Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Check out EnviroImpact at www.enviroimpact.iwr.msu.edu. See MDARD’s press release here.

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